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Viva is one of the leading toilet part brands on the market today. They produce everything — from entry ball valves to siphons to WC pan connectors. If you are looking to repair an existing toilet or install a new one, Viva produces the products you need. Buildworld proudly carries a total of 41 of Viva's products. These include toilet fill valves, toilet flush valves, cisterns and component packs, pan connectors, wastes, and traps. No matter what job you need to accomplish, Viva products are an affordable and reliable way to get it done. At Buildworld, we offer bottle traps for sinks and wastes, including combination wastes, basket strainers, and bath waste. Viva's Pan Connectors are made from high-quality polypropylene plastic featuring rubber sealing and an internal rubber gasket to ensure they are water-tight. Within our range, we also offer Viva toilet fill valves to replace old fashioned ball valves and increase your cistern's effectiveness. Additionally, Viva's toilet flush valves have been designed for easy installation and all variations of cisterns.

Why Buy Viva Products?

Since 2008 Viva has been innovating the way that the plumbing-part market operated. They introduced new products to the market, like the dual entry fill valve, and they redesigned work ethic. Dedicated to customer satisfaction and state-of-the-art products, Viva is sure to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for an s-trap or a push-button, Viva's products are top quality and will last the lifetime of your appliance.

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Viva Straight Toilet Pan Fixings

Not Yet Rated £0.96
Product 1

Viva Bolt Through Kit

Not Yet Rated £2.18
Product 1

Viva Close Couple Kit

Not Yet Rated £2.57
Product 1

Viva Universal Push Button

Not Yet Rated £2.59
Product 1

Viva Skylo Side Entry Ball valve

Not Yet Rated £3.15
Product 1

Viva Easi-Flo Bottle Trap 32mm

Not Yet Rated £2.37
Product 1

Viva Easi-Flo Bottle Trap 40mm

Not Yet Rated £2.48
Product 1

Viva 32mm Straight Through Trap

Not Yet Rated £5.88
Product 1

Viva Straight Pan Connector

Not Yet Rated £2.23

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