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Since the company’s foundation in 1819, Wienerberger has focused on using state of the art processes to deliver superior quality building material to customers. With a portfolio that includes a staggering array of bricks, tiles, pipes, and pavers, Wienerberger has built a reputation as one of the highest achieving ceramic materials companies in Europe and is the largest brick manufacturer in the world.

Two hundred years of experience in the ceramic industry have been defined by continuous innovation in the company’s manufacturing techniques and products, including the development of insulated construction bricks to prevent heat loss, new methods of brick construction to increase worksite productivity without reducing construction quality, and an initiative to drive brick and tile production to be increasingly efficient through scaling and logistics optimization.

Wienerberger has applied the same innovative mindset to plastic production since expanding into the plastic pipe industry in the late 1980s. Today, the company’s global success is a result of the continuous improvement of their manufacturing process and products and willingness to work with diverse partners in their supply and distribution networks. Wienerberger is best known for:


Wienerberger’s 200 years of experience in the brickmaking industry are visible in their dedication to crafting quality building materials. Over time, the continuous improvement of their bricks to take advantage of the material’s excellent thermal and sound insulation properties has led to the development of industry-leading bricks for both load-bearing and interior applications.

Weinberger’s technical developments from the manufacture of structural bricks have also benefitted their line of façade and paving bricks to provide a high quality and extremely durable material at an attractive price point. Wienerberger bricks are available in an array of colours and materials to suit any construction project calling for a durable, reliable, and cost-effective material.


Wienerberger’s roofing selection builds off their two centuries of brick knowledge to provide a full range of clay tiles for roofing projects. These tiles offer the same strength and durability of the company’s traditional bricks to meet the challenges of constructing a durable roof that doesn’t detract from the building’s aesthetics.


Applying their mastery of brick construction to the requirements of ceramic pipes, Winerberger has offered piping solutions for almost as long as they have been manufacturing bricks. Since the purchase of Oltmanns group in the 1980s, Wienerberger has expanded their portfolio of construction materials to include plastic pipes alongside their traditional ceramic offerings.

If you're in the market for structural or decorative bricks, Buildworld's offerings from Wienerberger are worth a look. Durable, affordable, and timeless, Wienerberger bricks are just the thing to bring your blueprints to life.

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