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WRX is a brand of spray paint founded in 2017 that emphasizes longevity and efficiency when painting. WRX sells high-quality spray and trade paints, primers, technical paints, and painting accessories. WRX is a UK brand for construction, painting and decorating, automobiles and more. The WRX Trade Spray Paint is their top product due to its versatility and durability.

Product Types Available at Buildword

Buildworld carries 12 different colours of WRX Spray Paint and the WRX Effect Spray Paint in silver and bronze, the WRX Multi-Purpose Lacquer in two finishes, and the WRX Primer Spray Paint. With so many options, Buildworld has you covered for all your painting and decorating needs.

Why WRX?

It can be challenging to find spray paint that works and lasts on multiple surfaces. The WRX Spray Paint is painted for wood, concrete, cement, plaster, and even metal and is fast-drying, impenetrable to weather or fading, and easy to apply. Their spray paints can be used indoors or outdoors and are high coverage and opaque for fewer applications.

The WRX Effect Spray Paint comes in metallic hues that add emphasis to your painting projects, and the WRX Multi-Purpose Lacquer is a great final addition to your painted product to protect against discolouration, weathering or wear and tear. Finally, the WRX Primer Spray Paint is a quick and easy way to prime your painting surfaces before applying other spray paints to ensure that the colour is durable and long-lasting.

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