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Youngman Laddders

Acquired by Werner Access Products UK Holdings in 2014, Youngman Group Limited was founded in 1926 with a vision to become the preferred choice for trade professionals. Since its inception, the company has been continually improving its customer satisfaction and quality of products by following the highest quality and safety standards. They have a history of producing excellent ladders made from lightweight yet highly durable aluminium. Their products are designed to withstand the daily rigours of industrial, construction and DIY use. Youngman extension ladders are available in three classifications: DIY, trade and industry.

Youngman Products offer you the best products in the ladder category crafted out of lightweight aluminium or fibreglass in a variety of different sizes and strengths. They can be effectively used around the house as well as at your workplace. They have a long history of producing hardy and durable ladders, rigged with safety measures to help you with construction, maintenance and repair work.

Youngman Ladders in association with Werner Access Products, are the leading provider of access towers and micro powered access across the country. They are the world's largest manufacturer of work at height equipment. Their facilities are registered to ISO 9001 to deliver excellent quality ladder. They use laser cutting and robotic welding technology to manufacture their products.

The company has been manufacturing robust construction and trade ladders, work platforms, and modular towers since its founding. They are credited for offering innovative work at height solutions with the highest quality standards. They aim to provide users with newer products that improve productivity and function.

Ladders – Youngman Products manufactures various ladders each with their specific use. The product range includes; roof ladders, extension ladders, combination ladders, loft ladders and much more. They are made out of lightweight aluminium or fibreglass to offer better strength and easy handling.

Access Towers – They manufacture heavy-duty trade platforms and tower systems for indoor and outdoor use. They come with an adjustable height platform, suited for single or multiple users. Their products allow easy movement, transportation and storage.

Work Platforms – These products provide easy access to working on out-of-reach places with an easy to move platform to stand on. These ladders come with a large slip-resistant platform for extra stability. Now, get that extra boost around your home or workplace with Youngman.

Accessories For Ladders – Youngman Products provide a large range of accessories to make working on higher planes easier and safe. Use their various range of accessories to avoid any damage to the gutter, tiles and window frames.

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