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Sands are particles of broken rocks, made up of grains of the rock. The diameter of the grains measure different sizes and has shades of brown and orange. Sand provides bulk, strength, and other properties when mixed with construction materials like asphalt and concrete. Besides construction, building sand also has many other applications. Sand can be beach sand, river sand, sharp sand, and coarse sand. It is also a perfect drainage material besides being a vital component of concrete and mortar mix.

River Sand is the most preferred choice as a fine aggregate material and construction is the most preferred choice. Artificial Sand can easily replace River Sand that is becoming rare and expensive.

Whether you need the sand for DIY projects or in commercial ones, we at Buildworld have everything you need. We sell sharp sand, washed building sand, Ballast, Manure, Stone and Topsoil from brands such as Buildworld and Melcourt.

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