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At BuildWorld, we have all the leading brands of blocks. Whatever your building requirement, you are sure to find the best possible solution right here. Creating a landmark structure requires not only visionary architectural design but also the best in building materials. It is Buildworld’s sole endeavor to assist you in securing materials befitting the structural layout you have envisioned.

Dense Blocks

Load bearing walls, block flooring, and beams in a structure assume the incontrovertible function of lending support to any structure - requiring enormous capacity for endurance—found abundantly in Dense Blocks. High in density, these blocks are an amalgam of cement and aggregates consisting of gravel, crushed stone, pumice, and sand in general. Dense blocks and their resilience in load-bearing and being instrumental in quick project completion; insulate the structure from external sounds and act as key components in averting the danger of fire, which makes them highly sought after in commercial buildings multi-storey housing projects.

Medium Dense Blocks

Also known as Insulite block for its excellent insulation properties and low register on density compared with dense block, its medium density is achieved by combining industrial discards and fly ash as aggregate admixture in its composition. Ideal as base material to secure fixings and receptors of plasters and renders as a background—medium dense blocks do particularly well as inner and outer leaf of external cavity walls. The Insulites score very high on the utility quotient with their applicability extended to block flooring and beams apart from regular wall applications. Lastly, these medium density blocks serve dual functions of augmenting thermal mass capacity and inducing better sound resistance when filling in block floors and beams.

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