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Galvanised Heavy Duty Steel (Angle) Brackets

Resembling the alphabet ‘L’ and referred to as corner bracket among construction professionals—angle brackets bind two distinct pieces of timber material at an angle of ninety degrees. Although the recommended use of angle bracket comprises sheathing to reinforce fastening of perpendicular intersections, it is remarkably effective in securing the rigidity of joints and preventing lateral movement of the fixed materials.

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More Info On Angle Brackets

Equipped with a design to support multiple functions, Angle Brackets serve not only as connectors where the two arms or sides cross each at right angles, but, their supporting influence extends to imparting structural reinforcements directly impacting walls and encasement structures. Angle brackets yield greater strength to products with lighter gauges. The folded edge angle provides a safer working edge, improving site safety and manual handling.

Reinforced angle brackets excel at forging wood to concrete joints and providing reinforcement to structural and framing applications. Timber frameworks rely on heavy-duty angle brackets for establishing columns, bracing, connecting trusses to partition walls; or creating enduring connections between posts and beams, or floors and posts. Angle brackets perform invaluable corrective contributions to wall plates with misaligned iron hoops in need of truss fixing. Trusses requiring crossways moderation in internal walls incapable of carrying layered loads are excellent instances highlighting the importance and usefulness of angle brackets. Top chord bracing systems allow ample scope for angle brackets as shelf support enabling the connection between the blocking piece and trusses.

Angle brackets can have equal-sided angles or unequal sided angles, also known as wide-angle brackets, which are made from anti-corrosive and durable metals such as aluminium and galvanised steel. Wooden and plastic angle brackets are sourced for joining wooden shelf or furniture. These brackets have specific applications in many wall-partition systems. These angles arrive in varying dimensions, finished in a variety of colours.

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