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Expanded Metal Sheeting: Perforated, Galvanised Mesh & More.

Expanded metal sheets are fabricated in three varieties: standard, flattened, and metal grating. The standard variety is the metal sheeting that comes as is. The flattened type is cold-rolled for a flat and smooth surface and is about 5% lighter than the standard. The metal grating variety is usually manufactured from carbon steel and has no joints or welds, which affords it the highest degree of robustness among the three. Each piece is produced by first being cut and then put through an expanding machine, similar to a plate-rolling device. The result is the metal sheeting of varying thickness.

Perforated metal sheet manufacturing employs a mechanical process of imparting perforations to steel sheets in symmetrical rows or zigzag patterns depending on the number of openings required. To safeguard structural strength, holes are never punched at the boundary skirting the perimeter. Produced in numerous permutations of perforation types and gauge variations, perforated metal sheets span various roles in supporting heavy arrangements and fulfilling aesthetic aspirations.

Welded wire mesh screens are alloys comprising copper, stainless steel, galvanised steel, and brass. Employing electric fusion, a network of parallel wires, at distinct intervals, is welded to wires running across them. Welded mesh wires are known for being thoroughly reinforced and warp resistant. Woven wire meshes are highly sturdy and are fabricated on the principle of cloth weaving. Warp wires and weft wires are woven at right angles using alloys of brass, copper, and stainless steel forging diverse widths and vents. We offer various expanded metal sheets, including perforated, galvanised mesh, coil mesh, and more. We also stock fixing bands and reinforcing steel bars.

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