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Expanded Metal Sheeting: Perforated Metal Sheets, Galvanised Mesh & More.

We offer a variety of expanded metal sheeting, including perforated, galvanised mesh, coil mesh, and more. We also stock fixing bands and reinforcing steel bars.

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More Info on Expanded Metal Sheeting

Expanded metal sheeting refers to a type of sheet metal that has been cut and stretched to form a metal mesh-like pattern. That pattern often appears as a diamond shape. Expanded metal sheeting is typically used for fences, grates, and to support stucco or plaster.

Expanded metal sheeting is both economical and versatile, as they can be used for a variety of applications and hold their shape for many years without unravelling or falling apart. Because of this, it’s also referred to as builder’s steel mesh, rebar, builder’s steel rod, and reinforcement coil mesh.

Expanded metal sheeting comes in three varieties: standard, flattened, and metal grating.

The standard variety is the metal sheeting that comes as is. The flattened type is cold-rolled for a flat and smooth surface and is about 5% lighter than the standard. The metal grating variety is usually manufactured from carbon steel, and has no joints or welds, making it the most robust of the three.

Each piece is produced by first being cut and then put through an expanding machine, which is similar to a plate-rolling device. The end result is the metal sheeting of varying thickness.

Expanded Metal Sheeting Applications and Materials

Expanded metal sheeting has a ton of industrial applications. It can be used to help form structures that require concrete, plaster, or stucco, and it can also be used as fencing to close off a job site.

The most common metals used for expanded metal sheeting are steel, aluminium, and titanium.

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