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Joist Straps

Joist straps are lateral restraint straps used at the floor, flat roof member levels, and in pitched roofs at ceiling joist levels. Manufactured from galvanized steel or strong steel, joist straps secure the two sides of timber beams. They have holes for nails and are screwed to fasten them in place securely. Joist hangers or Joist straps come with a connecting plate that gets fastened to the frame surrounding the wooden beam.

Depending on the load and nature of required fastening, you can choose a light-duty, heavy-duty, flat, or bent strap for your masonry projects. Heavy-duty straps primarily support heavier loads and more massive beams, while joist straps, such as the bent strap, may provide an L or T-shape plate for wall framing.

Our selection of twisted and bent joist restraint straps addresses a broad spectrum of timber fixing ranging from lightweight to heavy-duty connectors designed to aid an efficient and nuanced approach.

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