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Cement Additives & Dyes

Buildworld stocks the most reputed brands in concrete additives and concrete colouring products to assist in achieving the most desirable functional and aesthetical results.

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More Info On Cement Additives & Dyes

Modern construction norms place serious demands on the production of better quality concrete seeking greater durability, efficacy in concrete curing, and workability among a host of reasons. The desired result is heavily predicated on the incorporation of additives into the concrete mix. Enhanced cement versions instrumental in producing better concrete are also a result of additives being added to cement formulations, which not only enhance the quality of the cement but lowers production and maintenance cost to elevate efficiency levels in the process of cement production.

Adding Colour to Concrete

Concrete floor colouring pigments and dyes along with concrete stain products form the core of colouring medium for concrete floors. Pigments have the advantage of infusing with the concrete through its integral application mode by being introduced to the concrete during the mixing stage attaching its colour pigments to the entire batch of concrete due for production. Its topical application, common to other enlisted mediums for concrete floor colouring, involves spraying of the pigment colour onto the surface of freshly laid out concrete layer. Dyes unlike pigments are much finer and topically applied on cured concrete floors; available as solvent-based for uniform coating while water-based dyes produce varicoloured finishes; highly recommended for indoor application as exposure to direct sunlight weakens its lustre and achromatize. Concrete staining, the more traditional approach in colouring concrete, consists of coating concrete with colour stains that wraps itself on concrete surface, permeating stains into the concrete pores to induce bonding, and the option of acid stains inducing chemical reaction with concrete compounds for the colour effect to remain permanent.      

Combating cold weather with Acceleration and Air-Entrainment Additives

Additives in concrete mixtures are credited for generating greater potency. Different combinations of additives are constantly applied to achieve the desired concrete behaviour along with customized results. Acceleration Additives propel hydration in concrete mixtures to shorten the time taken for concrete setting, which is particularly needed and helpful during winter projects. Introducing tiny bubbles in concrete with the help of Air-Entrainment Additives galvanizes the concrete’s ability to withstand the ill-effects of freezing temperatures, such as cracking, kept in check by the incorporated bubbles, in addition to raising the durability quotient and workability of the concrete.     

Superplasticizers, Shrinkage and Water Reducing Additives

Lowering water-cement proportion, by introducing Water-Reducing Additives, to fortify concrete strength carries the additional benefit of reduced emission levels of carbon dioxide due to lesser energy expended in producing concrete with reduced cement ratio. In order to arrest the possibility of eroding durability owing to shrinkage in concrete—Shrinkage Reducing Additives are blended into the concrete mixtures, shielding the concrete from the undermining effects of shrinking joints. Superplasticizers raise the level of workability in concrete mixtures registering high slump scores, while maintaining water-cement ratio, enhancing cohesive properties to achieve better adaptability during heavy reinforcement.    

Corrosion Inhabiting and Set-Retarding Admixtures

Reducing the rate of corrosion in steel-reinforced concrete by adding Corrosion Inhibiting Admixtures saves maintenance expenditure and impacts the initial concrete curing process by imparting a charge of strength and acceleration. Set-Retarding Additives are instrumental in causing a lag in concrete setting as counter-measure and remedy against importunate weather conditions that forcibly accelerate concrete setting which denies the appropriate time required for concrete to cure. Retarding additives are known to incorporate air bubbles instrumental in arresting cracks during concrete slab placement.

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