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Expansion Joints

New construction or old, keeping details correct with the right materials is vital, else you may end up with a sub-standard habitat. Buildworld is here to make your job easier with a wide range of building materials all under one roof. Just select the right ones for your job and get going.

Weather can play havoc with construction, especially water, frost or heat. While many feel that nothing can be as damaging as water, heat can also cause some serious problems within a structure. The biggest among these is cracking and splitting. Though reinforced concrete is used nowadays, the heat causes the concrete to expand and at night as the temperatures fall, the material contracts. This constant expansion and contraction mostly occurs at joints and can develop into major problem areas that not only let in other corrosive agents like frost and water but also weaken the structure. Such cracking typically happens at joints and have to be solved through the use of Expansion Joints.

Modern engineering tackles this issue at the construction level by incorporating Expansion Joints at strategic points. This is usually done for buildings longer than 45 metres. Expansion joints relieve the stress on the concrete and add to the long-lasting durability of the structure.

There are different Expansion Joint rolls available with Buildworld in varying lengths. Choose the one that fits your needs for a DIY job, or get your contractor to buy the right fit for your building.

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