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Decking means a flat platform composed of uprights, bearers, joist, and flooring material usually built outdoors around the main structure of the house. Traditionally decking is made from wood (either timber, cedar, redwood, pine), however, modern-day construction materials such as vinyl or composite wood also see much use in decking. Such materials come with the added advantage of resistance to insect attacks and splintering, buckling and warping.

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Buildworld Treated Decking Spindle 41mm Colonial

Buildworld Treated Decking Spindle 41mm Colonial

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Buildworld Treated Decking Post 1500mm With Ready Patress

Buildworld Treated Decking Post 1500mm With Ready Patress

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More Info On Decking

Decking completes the aesthetics of the exterior of homes without much effort or expense. Usually built to make the most of pleasing weather or views or just relax and unwind. Wood or timber decks see multiple uses; these can seamlessly be merged with the landscape design or can serve as an attractive alternative to patios. Such decks also extend the usable space available to you, allowing you far more freedom to conduct many outdoor activities. Besides, the rustic charm that these add to a home is irreplaceable!

Types of Decking

We are spoilt for choice with the options available to us for building a deck in recent years. Lets take a look at the materials that are popularly used in the decking area.

Pressure-Treated Lumber

The green-tinted wood is the most in demand for decking material, with 75 percent of all decking being made from pressure treated Lumbar. What makes this material so attractive is low cost, easy availability and the fact that it is easy to work with.

Redwood And Cedar

The classic and original choices for decking were redwood or red cedar. These woods give your decking a rich colour and natural rustic charm and are relatively free of chemicals. Both these woods contain tannins and oils that are resistant to decay and insect attacks. Various grades of cedar and redwood gives different quality of decking, which obviously decides the final cost with both these woods costing at least three times that of pressure-treated lumber.

Tropical Hardwoods

These include Massaranduba, red tauari, tigerwood, ipe, and Philippine mahogany. The wood is exotic, features a rich-grain, and is very hard, extremely durable and naturally resistant to decaying and insect attacks. Because of its hardwearing qualities, tropical hardwood is quite expensive compared with PT lumber but may cost you as much as redwood and cedar. IPE or Ironwood or Pau Lope is the most popular tropical hardwood with an attractive mahogany-like look.


Composite decking like plastic lumber is the fastest-growing decking material sold today. Most of the composite decking products are made from PE or PVC and come in a wide variety of stylish colours. Some composites are a mix of wood fibres and recycled plastic which stands up well to extreme weather conditions, stains and also doesn’t splinter, warp, split or decay.

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