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Half-Round Guttering

We offer half round guttering made of PVC material with a diameter of 112 mm. We also offer half-round guttering accessories, including adapters, drain guards, leaf guards, and stop ends. The colour options available are black and white.

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More Info on Half Round Guttering

Half-round guttering is a style of rain gutters that look exactly how they sound-like half of a round rain gutter. They feature a smooth surface and half-rounded shape that’s open at the top. Their lip (or beading) is rolled inward, unlike their older counterparts which allowed the beading to roll outward.

Just as any other type of gutter, half-round guttering redirects water. It helps prevent cascading water from causing structural damage to your home, basement, and landscape.

Half-round guttering is a very popular style of rain gutters, and for good reason. Their semi-circular shape and smooth inner-surface keep water from pooling which prevents corrosion. Such a system also keeps dirt and debris free-flowing rather than allowing them to get caught in the edges, which can lead to clogging.

Half-round gutters are much cheaper compared to their square guttering and K-shape guttering competition. They’re also easier to clean and maintain, and they can give your home a unique aesthetic due to the fact that they match the style of the older European buildings.

Half Round Guttering Materials and Applications

Half-round guttering comes in a variety of colours, and can easily be painted for a more customized look. They’re most commonly made from aluminium, copper, zinc, or galvanized metal.

The one disadvantage to half round guttering is that they require half round brackets and special joint brackets for assembly.

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