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PVC Fascia Board & Soffit, Cladding & Trims

We offer a variety of PVC fascia, soffit, and cladding materials. The Buildworld range of products include boards, siding, cladding, and vents from leading brands in various sizes and colours to suit your needs.

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More on PVC Fascia, Soffit, and Cladding

Fascia boards are placed horizontally beneath the roof shingles acting as their immediate supporting structure. This line of support also extends to the roofing material present in the form of tiles or shingles and the eavestrough present under the edge of the roof. Fascia boards made of PVC have emerged as durable, inexpensive, lightweight, and maintenance-free alternatives to wooden fascia boards.

Aside from being more lightweight and cheaper than wood, PVC manufactured fascia board is rot-resistant as it doesn’t absorb moisture, which improves its suitability quotient considering its functional aspect and placement exposure to water. The materials are heat formed, making them customizable and much more flexible than wood, too. Many new homes come with PVC boards installed in place of wood, especially where there is contact with the ground.

Soffits are instrumental in protecting the rafters from catching mould and rot, and promote air circulation in the house, especially in the area between the roof and the loft. PVC soffits are ideal for preventing moisture-related issues such as dampness and mould outbreak.

Wall cladding materials offer protection against moisture and weather extremities, often addressing aesthetic aspirations as an incidental consequence. These are applied to middle layers as well as to the structural frame of houses. PVC cladding possesses the advantage of being low-maintenance and lesser-expensive in comparison with other cladding material options.

PVC Facia, Soffit, and Cladding—Applications and Materials

PVC fascia boards prevent water seepage into the roof and moor the gutters in position. They raise the aesthetic allure of the side, which guards the rafters’ coarse ends.

PVC wall cladding are easy to install, their application as shield to the external wall is equally matched as raising the aesthetic appeal of the walls on the inside. Thermal and sound insulation enhancement is incidental to cladding which raises their utility value.

PVC soffits are easy to maintain and have better insulation properties than aluminium and other competing materials.

PVC trims are ideal for windows, siding, vents in the loft, and exterior door trims eliminating the possibility of cracking or suffering from moisture-related troubles such as rotting and moulding.

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