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PVC Fascia Board & Soffit, Cladding & Trims

We offer a variety of PVC fascia and soffit materials and accessories. From boards to siding, cladding to vents, we stock various sizes and colours to suit your needs.

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Disc Soffit Ventilator White

Disc Soffit Ventilator White

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Internal Pvc Cladding External Corner Trim White 8mm

Internal Pvc Cladding External Corner Trim White 8mm

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More on PVC Facia

PVC fascia trim refers to the material used for an alternative to exterior wooden boards, siding, trims, and cladding. PVC fascia is a mixture of materials that offer a cheaper and more lightweight alternative to wood, and it’s typically used to trim homes with.

PVC fascia is made from fascia, which is a type of wood, and PVC materials (or, polyvinyl chloride materials). Their purpose is to serve as an alternative to wood while giving the same appearance. Fascia and PVC blends also clock in at half the weight of solid wood pieces.

Aside from being more lightweight and cheaper than wood, PVC fascia is also more durable and rot-resistant. Because it doesn’t absorb moisture, the material may last longer than wood options. The materials are heat formed, making them customizable and much more flexible than wood, too.

Many new homes come with PVC boards installed in place of wood, especially where there is contact with the ground.

PVC Facia Applications and Materials

PVC fascia is most often used as trims for homes with aluminium or vinyl sidings. However, they also add a clean aesthetic to homes with brick, stone, and wooden siding.

PVC fascia comes in many different sizes and can be used anywhere on the home that would typically require a wooden trim or wooden application. For example, PVC fascia can be used for window and door trims, rooftop trims, siding, cladding, and wooden decks.

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