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Underground Drainage

Buildworld aspires to be the comprehensive access point to source all your drainage system components. Our catalogue caters to every aspect of the underground drainage systems to include all fittings and pipes crucial to creating a robust and efficient drainage system.

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More Info On Underground Drainage

Wastewater from kitchen and bathrooms also known as ‘foul drainage’ travels through a dedicated terracotta orange coloured set of pipes and fittings collectively termed as Underground drainage. This wastewater continues its journey through the underground drainage to finally receive treatment at a sewage treatment facility.

Underground drainage network made up of pipes and fittings, commonly fabricated from PVC-u, bear smooth surface on the inside to provide smooth passage and a tough exterior impervious to challenging terrains and locations designed to improve the water flow.

The chief components among the exhaustive list of fitting supplies are:

Drain Couplers: Drain Couplers are essential for joining pipes, and are highly effective in connecting pipes with identical diameters. Efficient at establishing airtight seals, their composition consists of stainless steel fastening bands and a rubber body.

Inspection Chambers allow easy monitoring of the drainage flow and present a vantage position to intervene and clear blockages inhibiting the drain flow.

Adjustable bends as the name suggests allows bending adjustments to create joints at two different points between pipes at various angles between 0 to 90 degrees using solvent bend joints which require cutting and welding. Mechanical bends facilitate angle joints between 5 and 30 degrees with a twist and lock mechanism. Multiflex bends allow more excellent angle coverage allowing curves between zero to 90 degrees.

Anti-Flood Valves are installed to prevent backflow in the drainage system and especially useful during situations ushering flood possibilities which could drive the water back into the property.

P-Trap Gully also known as Bottle Gully, is designed to receive wastewater pipes connecting them to the underground drainage system and to prevent the undesirable release of lousy odour into the immediate surroundings.

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