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Underground Drainage

A perfectly functional underground drainage system calls for the right tools for the drainage of excess water to flow. Drainage systems in the UK are broadly these are two types: Sewage water and Surface-water. When installing underground drainage pipes, the pipes must be brown in color, as per regulations. Underground drainage supplies include Plastic drainage pipes, Drain Couplers, bends, Pipe Lubricants, Gullies, P-traps, hoppers and rainwater, and waste pipe adaptors. PVC is one of the most widely used materials in the manufacture of these pipes and fittings as it is durable, cost-effective, and easy to transport and install. Maintenance is also easy.

Our wide range of pipes and fittings include compression, push-fit, and soldered fittings in a variety of sizes along with copper and plastic pipes, in various length sizes for all jobs. Find channel gratings, brackets, grids, elbows, manhole covers, Tees and other accessories for a fully functional drainage system.

We deliver a full range of fittings for underground drainage systems, building inspection chambers, manholes for domestic and commercial projects. These are brought to you at exclusive discounts in materials such as PP, PVC, u PVC, and PE to suit your job needs.

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