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Cavity Insulation

We offer a range of cavity slabs and other insulation products, including a Pir Insulation Slab, Pir Insulation sheets, retaining discs, and more.

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More Info on Cavity Insulation

Cavity wall insulation is designed to prevent a home or building’s heat loss. Cavity insulation fills the “cavity” or the air space in a wall with a special material that inhibits any transferring of heat. By trapping the air in one place, it adds a layer of warmth to the home or building.

Cavity insulation can significantly reduce your heating costs during colder months. There are several different types of cavity insulation. The type of cavity insulation you use will depend on where you live, and the masonry material used to create the wall.

Filling cavity walls usually takes about half a day, and installation can be done while the tenants are home or in the building.

Cavity Insulation Applications and Materials

The three most common types include blown mineral fibre, polystyrene granules or beads, and urea-formaldehyde foam.

Blown mineral fibre is made of either strands of fibreglass or mineral wool that are pushed into the cavity of the wall using compressed air. Polystyrene beads and granules have a rough shape which allows them to stick together. These are also moved into the cavity wall by compressed air.

Both blown mineral fibre and polystyrene are certified by the British Board of Agreement (BBA) for safe use in all parts of the country.

Urea-formaldehyde foam is installed into the cavity wall by injection. The injection consists of two different chemicals that react when mixed, thereby expanding to fill the cavity. British Standards BS:5618 permits this type of insulation for the material and BS5617 for the application.

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