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Lintels are the horizontal bridges above windows and doorways and at times may have to support the heavy load from above, such as in multi-story constructions. Lintels can also be likened to beams that are usually the same width as that of the wall. The two ends of the beam are embedded into the wall ends and support the upper load, even while providing for a passage below. Lintels are far simpler to construct than arches that many old structures sport, but the very positioning of the two requires immense strength and durability.

Steel is the ideal material for Lintels, besides reinforced concrete or reinforced brick, depending on the construction. Steel Lintels, in particular, are great for places of heavy load-bearing or those with large entranceways or passages. Steel lintels come in multiple sections or as rolled steel joints and can be used singly or in various combinations, as warranted by the architectural details of the building.

Construction is not just all about concrete, mortar, or plastering. We, at Buildworld, understand this and have put together a comprehensive list of all building materials, helping you choose quickly and easily. We supply lintels from IG Lintels in galvanized steel and 95-105mm cavity width, in L shape and T shape. From structural to decorative, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for, right here at Buildworld.

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