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Finishing Sands

Sand is an important component within many areas of commercial and domestic locations. This is one of the reasons why the team at Buildworld offers a number of choices depending upon the needs of the customer. Often employed as an aggregate or used as a standalone product, the importance of quality cannot be overstated. Thankfully, we work in synergy with Hanson; one of the most respected providers of finishing sands on the market.

Multiple Variants for Bespoke Solutions

As finishing sands are highly diverse in terms of their applications, we currently offer three different varieties such as Kiln-dried sand, Silver sand, and Playground sand.

Kiln-dried sand is often used for paving and industrial applications. Silver sand is commonly employed as a top dressing for lawns. Playground sand is utilised in areas designated for children due to the fact that it can be easily formed into various shapes.

Each of these products are supplied in convenient plastic bags and it is possible to place bulk orders when required. The professionals at Buildworld are happy to supply these and a host of additional construction-related products, so feel free to take a closer look at our other categories.

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