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Plaster & Plastering Supplies

Plaster and plasterboards deliver much more effective insulation, soundproofing, and fireproofing than drywall. And because of its material, mould cannot grow on the surface. Plaster and plasterboards differ in durability, but they each have their advantages.

Plasters are the go-to option for professionals in the United Kingdom because of their smooth finish. Not only do plasters have a better finish than plasterboards, but you also receive a durable material that resists degradation in the long run. Plaster provides a level of flexibility that enables you to work with the shape, size, and other small details.

Plasterboards are an excellent alternative to the typical wet plaster method. These pre-made boards attach to the wall. It also provides a practical finish that does not require extra workers on-site. After you measure up your room and determine the proper amount of planks, you will be ready to go. Although plasterboard is a much more convenient option, its finish does not compare to plaster.

The goal of plaster is to block sound transmission effectively. You can apply it by hand, and then it dries into a harder finish that will last a long time.

When you set plasterboards on the wall, you must screw the holes with a joining compound and fill up the joints. This process leaves you with a smooth, singular finish. For rooms with an unusual shape, you may have to cut the plasterboards with a saw, fasten them to the wall, and then repeat the process. We offer a complete set of plasterboard and plaster products that will prepare you for any project. We offer plasterboard screws, plastering filters, renders, and jointing compounds. Browse through our range and select the right product for your project's requirements.


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