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We offer many plaster products to help make your interior walls right. Our British Gypsum thistle multifinish product choice provides excellent long-term value. We also offer competitive pricing for other choices like thistle multiboard and thistle hardwall. Our bulk plaster bag is also the perfect choice for the larger interior projects.

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More Info on Plasters

Plaster is a construction material used for protecting, coating, and decorating interior ceiling and walls. It is also useful for architectural mouldings like cornices, ceiling roses, and corbels. The most common forms of plaster are a composition of lime, cement, or gypsum, missed with sand and water.

There are various types of plaster. The proper use for each depends on the binder used:

How do Plasters Work?

Plasters form as a dry powder, and then the manufacturing process transforms it into a stiff paste after mixing it in water. It is typically constructed up into a certain number of layers, depending on how rough the surface it is. Bare, rough walls will require 2-3 coats of plaster.

After the dry powder mixes with water, you must ensure the proper creamy consistency. It would also be best if you add the plaster to the water first.

When you apply the first coat of plaster to the wall, you must scratch it and leave it to dry. The second and third coat is then used for a finishing layer. Although plaster is a robust option, it is susceptible to cracking if the building structure was misapplied.

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