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Aesthetic design is the primary reason builders choose to use a render and plaster coat in building construction. Plaster is a construction material used for protecting, coating, and decorating interior ceilings and walls and is usually applied over brickwork. The most common plaster forms are lime plasters, cement plasters, or gypsum mixed with sand and water. Rendering or applying a cement layer over brickwork or concrete walls to achieve a specific texture is a popular construction technique.

Renders are for use on exterior surfaces. Just like plaster, it covers and protects an area but offers a high degree of moisture control in exterior surfaces. Renders are designed to provide some protection to wall surfaces such as preventing general dirt build-up and being algae-resistant, creating a surface with low maintenance surface. Larger render projects are able to be applied by machine if a compatible version is purchased, so this is something that should certainly be considered.

At Buildworld, we carry a wide variety of building materials such as to render coats, mortars, and primers. Our silicone render products are available in a variety of colours from Sovereign-Chemicals and Weber. And, our spray top render coats provide artistic textures to complete any rendering project.

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