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We carry a wide variety of render coats, mortars, and primers. Our silicone render products are available in a variety of colours. And, our spray top render coats provide artistic textures to complete any rendering project.

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More Info On Renders

Rendering, or applying a cement layer over a brick or concrete wall to achieve a specific texture is a popular construction technique across many parts of Europe. The process, sometimes also called cement plastering, is typically done by an experienced plasterer and can be an effective way to dress up an old home.

Benefits of Rendering

Aesthetic design is the primary reason that builders choose to use a render coat in building construction. The process may add some degree of waterproofing or fire retardation to the dwelling as well, which are both beneficial.

How it’s Done

Render, the cement-based mortar used to plaster over the brick or concrete wall is made from cement, lime, and sand. Pigments, bonding agents, and special additives intended to slow the drying process can be added to different render formulas. The render is traditionally applied in thin layers with a trowel by a qualified plasterer.

How Long Does it Last?

A good rendering job can last many years, possibly even decades. Unfortunately, not all rendering jobs are the same. The material that the render is applied to, how the surface is prepped, ingredients in the render, and the skill of the tradesman all factor into the quality of the rendering job.

The key is to look for quality, not quantity when it comes to rendering. The tradesmen should apply the render in thin layers and build the layers to achieve the desired look. Lime-based renders are expressly noted for their quality and longevity. The addition of the lime gives the render some elasticity which prevents cracking and crumbling over time.

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