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Construction Sealants & Adhesives

We offer many construction sealants and adhesives that fit your specific needs. Our sealant guns like the Rodo Skeleton offer precision for any project. Our wood adhesive brands like Gorilla Glue and Everbuild are easy to apply.

The various sticky tapes we offer are all cost-effective and are guaranteed to improve quality. And when it comes to flooring adhesives & sealants, we offer 18 different product brands. Our brands like Elka and Evo-Stik help you get your project done the right way.

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More Info on Sealants & Adhesives

Sealants and adhesives are crucial in providing a sound building structure. They protect from corrosion issues, deliver even stress distribution across the load, and resist against leaks. Sealants and adhesives are interchangeable in their respective industries, but they each serve specific purposes.

So, what is the difference between sealants and adhesives? Sealants are substances that hold at least two platforms together. They fill the in-between space and serve as a protective coating or barrier. Adhesives hold two surfaces together in a much more permanent and healthy fashion.

How do Sealants & Adhesives Work?

Adhesives are a solution to join two surfaces for an indefinite time through various levels of stress. They have reliable tensile and shear strength, which makes them suitable for high-pressure applications. There are two different types of adhesives: non-structural and structural.

Sealants do not deliver the strength that adhesives do. It also serves a different purpose. Sealants help combat relative movement and fill gaps of various surfaces. Even though adhesives are more robust, sealants provide much more flexibility. A few effective sealants include silicones, acrylic systems, and urethanes.

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