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Sealants are used in building and construction work for many purposes: essentially to fill gaps, which can provide structural integrity, prevent leaks of liquid or air, and cosmetic caulking. Common uses include expansion joints in brickwork, weather-sealing in the installation of doors and windows, kitchen fitting, bathroom sanitary ware and flooring.

Available in white, clear or a range of colours (great for swimming pool sealing, kitchens and bathrooms or wooden flooring installation). They are most commonly supplied ready mixed in a tube, making them easy to use with an extrusion gun. At Buildworld, we offer a range of sealants from brands such as Evo-Stik, Oracstar, Tile-Rite and more. Each range of sealant is formulated for use in specific conditions; to obtain optimum performance, firstly, make sure you select the right product for your needs from our online store.

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