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Sealant is used in building and construction work for many purposes: essentially to fill gaps, which can provide structural integrity, prevent leaks of liquid or air, and cosmetic caulking. Common uses include expansion joints in brickwork, weather-sealing in the installation of doors and windows, kitchen fitting, bathroom sanitary ware and flooring. Many sealants have adhesive qualities as well and work to give a long-lasting seal and offer a professional finish even in wet areas.

Sealants include silicone sealants, adhesive sealants, waterproof sealants, shower sealants, bathroom sealants, and more. A bathroom sealant resists moisture and mould growth.

It is best to use caulk or sealant made for each situation so that the seals adhere and last for a long time. When applying these seals, it is recommended to wait until the evening when no one will use the bathroom or kitchen for the night to give the seals a chance to bond.

Before using the sealant it is important to clean and dry the area, removing all existing sealant, washing, and thoroughly drying. Any excess sealant must also be removed. Not doing so will result in poor adhesion, a waste of time, and a big mess. At Buildworld, we offer a range of sealants from brands such as Evo-Stik, Tile-Rite and more.

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