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Sticky Tapes

From packaging, single-sided, double-sided, to heavy-duty and all-weather, we carry a sticky tape for every purpose. We even have velcro and decorative tape options.

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More Info on Sticky Tapes

No home is complete without a proper supply of sticky tapes. Sticky tapes come in handy when you need to join or mend objects but don’t require a heavy-duty or permanent application.

Sticky tapes, or adhesives, are made from a combination of pressure-sensitive materials that allows them to join objects together. Unlike other adhesive applications such as glue, sticky tapes are a viscoelastic material, which means they behave like both a solid and a liquid. It also means that they don’t require any heat or solvents to work.

The strength of sticky tapes also varies, giving each type a different purpose. While sticky tapes can’t take the place of fasteners such as nails and screws, some are strong enough to bond heavily weighted objects together. There are even sticky tapes designed for outdoor applications and are weather, moisture, and UV-proof.

However, sticky tapes can lose their adhesive bond over time. Things such as dirt and debris can collect beneath the surface, disrupting the bond. Or, improper storage can shorten the tape’s shelf-life. It’s best to store sticky tapes in a cool, dark place, away from extreme temperatures and UV light.

Sticky Tape Applications

Sticky tapes come in various strengths and have virtually unlimited applications. You can use them to bond nearly any surface. Whether you wish to tape a note to your refrigerator, patch up materials, hold equipment, support a sports injury, or get lint off your shirt, there’s a sticky tape for that.

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