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Wood Adhesives

Wood adhesives have evolved to a sophisticated degree, and there are several more options for binding jobs such as PVA glue. The commonest wood adhesive is polyvinyl acetate or PVA and comes in different brands which give it stylized colours and names. All-Purpose Weatherproof Wood Adhesive is a high quality, resin based wood adhesive for all wood bonding It can be used internally and externally and provides high strength, impact-resistant bond that is usually stronger than the wood itself

Another adhesive is Epoxy, which comes in two liquid parts – one a resin and the other a hardening agent. When mixed, the two harden to form an epoxy adhesive. Polyurethane sealant glue is also waterproof like epoxy, but it expands as it hardens and can often lead to a messy finish, but is ideal for quick and strong bonds.

At Buildworld, you will be able to find wood glue, adhesives, PVA glues for your furniture assembly needs, from Evostik and Soudal. Be it basic masonry or elite interior decor, we have an unmatched range of exclusive products at the best possible prices.

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