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Builder's Equipment & Cleaning

At Buildworld, we have site supplies that can keep you on top of your construction work or project and that too at the best of bargains in the UK market. Take a look at our entire range of products and decide for yourselves. Only the top brands featured in our collection that demonstrates our commitment to offering our customers only the best solutions for their on-site problems. Go ahead, explore the multitude of products, some of which we have explained in detail.

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Rodo Dust Mask Pack Of 5

Rodo Dust Mask Pack Of 5

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More Info on Builders Equipment & Cleaning

Supplies, equipment, gear, accessories and everything you need for smooth operation at the site area. These include Van vaults, portable site lights, Bracing and Lock Block for the Internal Solid Oak Ledged Doors, buckets, sawhorse, detergents, tape and a vast range of construction and safety products. We supply products from the best brands that are famous for designing, developing and manufacturing to the highest standards. Unmatched quality and durability as well as technically sound, these perform like a dream. Whether you need a couple or in bulk, logon to our site and let us know your requirements!!

Saw Horse

A sawhorse is a framework with four legs on which a wood plank is placed for comfortable sawing. To support one plank, a pair of sawhorses is used forming a scaffold. A sawhorse can also be used as a rack for supporting logs for sawing or also used as storage. Single sawhorses with a wide top and nicely support board for sawing or even as a workbench. It is one of the most useful tools for carpenters in construction projects

Flame or Fire Retardant Tapes:

Flame retardant PVC tape is used in electrical insulation and has a good bonding strength that it can form with coatings and adhesives. Flame Retardant tapes form a fire barrier and come with fire-retardant properties. The surface coating also imparts weave stability. The tapes are free from halogens and sulphur and offer high tensile strengths for firm bonds. Such a tape creates a barrier between the flame and the combustible core insulation within the wire. Also, extends the duration that the wire can withstand fire and is available in many colours and sizes.

Site Spray Paint

Site Spray Paints are durable solvent paints used by contractors and surveyors for site markings. It has a special formulation for a semi-permanent paint and yet is long-lasting. These paints are used for colour coding, and different colours mean different things. These help to recognize the intent of paint, flags, other temporary markings and survey markings at construction sites and thus save time and money.

Portable Site lights

Lights are essential at construction sites for greater visibility and safety. Portable lights provide bright, effective lighting for temporary use at construction sites, manufacturing plants, maintenance areas, and emergency service. These lights are free-standing on the tubular frame and find application in indoor and outdoor areas. Feature a die-cast body, equipped with a metal grille so that there is no accidental contact with the hot lens.

Anti-Climbing Fence panels

Lightweight, quick, and easy to deploy, these fence panels help build a secure perimeter around your site. These have no climbing footholds, keeping any kind of trespassing at bay. Almost essential for a range of temporary uses, anti-climb fencing panels are commonly seen at events which see a lot of crowding and also security. Galvanized for long life and easy to erect, dismantle and store.

Site supply accessories are available to purchase from Buildworld online or Leicester store, with delivery to any site in the UK within a matter of days. Our experienced team is on hand to assist you on how to get the most of your site supplies.

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