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If you’re looking for something heavy-duty to shelter your outdoor belongings or exposed structures from the elements, a tarpaulin will do the job. Tarpaulins have uses for a variety of protective applications. They’re durable, long-lasting, and they can double as a tent if the need arises. Tarpaulins, also known as “tarps,” are large, solid and multi-purpose sheets of canvas or polyester. There are several different types of tarps ranging in size, colour, and purpose. Each tarpaulin is rimmed with metal eyelets, so they may be secured using rope, cords, or specially made eyelet clip-on pieces. Tarpaulins are typically coated in a propylene-based laminate or made of polyethene plastics. They’re designed with durability in mind. Overall, they’re flexible, water-proof, tear-resistant, rot-proof, UV-resistant, and washable. Tarpaulins are incredibly lightweight, easy to handle, and easy to fold and store. They’re also relatively inexpensive.

We offer tarpaulins in 12 x 9 ft, 18 x 12 ft, and 30 x 15 ft. All of our tarpaulins are double laminated and highly durable, offering a multitude of uses. We also offer sets of tarpaulin eyelet clip-on for quick and easy fastening.

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