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Architraves are the mouldings installed around a door, window, or any other type of opening inside your home. The wood trim around a door or window serves both a decorative and practical function. The architrave's point is to conceal the seams, joints, and any cracks caused by the wood expanding in hot and cold temperatures. At Buildworld, our architraves are available in both hardwood and softwood, featuring multiple styles of timber. We use premium pine, oak, MDF (Medium Density Fiberwood), and other wood choices to construct a beautiful architrave that adds character to your door or window. MDF is a bit more cost-effective and doesn't shrink, and it's perfect for rooms with low exposure to light, high exposure to moisture, and poor ventilation. Though wood and MDF are our most popular installation materials, we can also construct an architrave from PVC, rubber ceramic tile, plaster, or aluminium. We'll recommend the best material for your home based on your style and preference. We guarantee your satisfaction from our vast selection of styles, designs, and materials for your window and door architraves.

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