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External Door Frames

At Buildworld, our exterior door frames are tough, high quality and designed to complement our external doors. They are primarily made out of hardwood and oak veneer and have unfinished surfaces that can then be primed, stained, and painted. Several pricing options are available for the budgets of many of our customers. They are also fully machined and ready to be assembled for the project.

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More Info On External Door Frames

A door frame gives structure, balance and provides a solid fitting to complement any door. Hinges, rollers, tracks are all mechanisms fitted to a door frame to fix different kinds of doors such as hinged, sliding or folding doors. Each door frame has a different size to fit into the specific wall where you are fitting the door. The strength and durability of an external door frame reflects on the lifespan of the external door as low quality frames will wear out faster. Fitting is also crucial as ill fitting door frames will have gaps and not offer the security or insulation needed by allowing free movement of hot and cold air from inside to outside and vice versa.

Door frames come for all kinds of doors, Interior and exterior with the frames made for external doors being more sturdy. A door frame can come in a variety of materials such as timber, metal and uPVC to match varying needs.

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