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Rain Deflectors

At Buildworld, we stock a range of rain guards and deflectors for use within the home as well as with your external doors. Wooden weather bars or water bars from XL Joinery can be used for classic settings and if you wish to go modern, then opt for aluminium, galvanised steel, plastic and polished rain deflectors from brands such as Exitex and Timloc. Rain deflectors can be cut to size, so whatever the shape of your door, we have the weather bars for a firm fit and keep moisture out.

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More Info On Rain Deflectors

Enjoying the rain while staying dry is an ideal situation for any home or property and the people inside. Safety and protection from the extremes of weather is of course the primary function of exterior doors and when used with rain deflectors, these are very successful in keeping away the adverse weather such as rain and snow. Damp and moisture can ruin any door and indoor decor, especially if it is timber and therefore, installing rain deflectors on your exterior doors is absolutely essential for preventing rain related damage. Performing this simple and effective procedure can save money in the long run.

Also known as weather bars, rain deflectors work by forming an airtight seal with the door, windows and other joints. They feature steep curves that allow water to run down, away from the door, keeping the base of the door dry.

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