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French Doors

A French door is a stylish home fixture with multiple small windows in its inherent design. French doors are famous for their aesthetics and also allow plenty of sunlight into the house. A divided lite French door is a traditional French door assembled with multiple pieces of glass. They have decorative structures, also called mullions, that are used as dividers for adjacent window panes. Traditionally, French doors were made from hardwood and painted white. Exterior French doors are not the same as traditional French doors as they are made of double-pane glass for improved insulation. These doors also come with a decorative grille embedded between the panes. Some options come with grilles superimposed over a pane of glass. These are very stylish when used as front and back doors and are also recommended by architects. These can also be used as patio doors and become a part of the beautiful exterior decoration of the home, like a landscaped lawn.

Find a refreshing range of quality French Doors for the front and back at Buildworld. Choose from a variety of doors, including those made of Oak, UPVC and Fiberglass. Our brands include trusted names such as XL Joinery, and if you need more guidance with your french front door, we are always available to discuss your individual needs.

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