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Heating Controls

Thermostats regulate the temperature of heating systems and appliances. These devices work by switching the heating systems on and off, sensing the temperature of a system, activating the system when the temperature falls below the desired setting, and switching it off when the temperature reaches a certain point. Radiator valves and digital controls also work to keep the temperature at the desired levels and allow for change if needed. Radiator valves control the heat emitted by the radiator and come in pairs.

Some control devices include Smartphone control, self-adjusting, learning mode, energy monitoring, personalized settings, up to 5 programmable periods, data protection, intuitive control of your heating, and much more. Some controls have dial and sliders, with stylish and contemporary design, and many others.

At Buildworld, we supply a variety of thermostats and heating controls ranging from manual to digital or smart thermostats. Choosing the correct heating thermostat is important in ensuring that your appliance works easily and efficiently. We stock valves and smart controls that can be programmable, digital, mechanical or simply manual from Masterflow, Oracstar and Warmup.

We have a wide choice of finishes so you can match the control to your appliance or room decor.

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