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Everything You Need To Know About Centre Pivot Roof Windows

Date Published: 14th December 2021

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Author: Robyn

Everything You Need To Know About Centre Pivot Roof Windows

The centre pivot roof window is a gamechanger in terms of letting light in to a small or unusual space in your home. It's also a great, secure means of putting in a window. They work well in rooms with low ceilings or pitched walls that sit between 15 and 90 degrees. Plus, they can easily fit in rooms with lots of furniture up against the walls.

The beauty of a centre pivot roof window is that you place it lower on a pitched ceiling than you would a top hung or bottom-operated window. This means that you can really work out the best placement to make the most of your view when sitting and standing in the room. It's a great versatile option for any home.

What are Centre Pivot Roof Windows?

What are Centre Pivot Roof Windows?

As the name suggests, the window is designed with hinges in the centre of the frame. The handle for operating the window is at the top of the frame and you pull down to open the window. The bottom of the pane tilts outwards into the world outside, while the top tilts into the room.

The reason this design works so well in rooms with a low ceiling is that you can access the handle easily. A top-hung design will often be awkward since the handle is at the bottom, which can be too low to reach easily. This is especially true if you have furniture placed beneath the window in the room.

Types of Operations Available

Types of Operations Available

You get both manual and automated centre-pivot roof windows. The manual option has a handle at the top of the window that you pull down on to release the clamp and open the window. You then push the window shut and the handle will click into place, locking the window.

The automated version does the same thing, you just simply operate the window using a remote control. These windows can be battery-powered or can come with a simple solar panel that allows you to operate them. This option is ideal for places that are out of reach in your home like a high landing or an awkward space that needs a little extra light and air.

Extra Strength and Security

Extra Strength and Security

Many of the centre pivot roof windows you get these days will have an aluminium frame and mechanism. This is far more robust than a wooden frame, but that is still an option if it suits the style of your home better.

The centre hinge of the window does make it a lot harder for an intruder to climb in through the opening due to its size. However, the larger the window, the more space there will be. The placement of the window will stand in your favour though because this style is usually used on a sloped roof.

When the window is closed, the mechanism locks in place and the only way to open the window again is from the inside of your home. This is a great security feature because you know that people can't get in once the window is shut.

Contemporary Designs and Accessories

Contemporary Designs and Accessories

You can get your centre-pivot roof window in a range of designs – from ultra-modern to a cosier, cottage feels. One thing they all have in common is the box shape, which is often rectangular to give more of a view and let more light in.

Another feature to consider is the glazing option. Double glazing or even triple glazing add extra benefits for your home and the environment. The thicker the glass and the more layers you go for, the better insulation the window will provide. Double glazing will also reduce the amount of noise that comes in through the window.

If the room gets a lot of direct sunlight, you might want to consider going for triple glazing to help keep the room cooler in the summer months while still letting in the light.

In addition to double and triple glazing for insulation, you can add security glazing to your window. This helps to prevent break-ins and damage to the glass if objects are thrown against it.

Many of the modern designs also give you the option to include ventilation in the control bar. This feature allows you to get fresh air in the room even when the window is shut and locked.

The Control Bar

The Control Bar

The handle and control bar for this style of window is located at the top of the window. It's usually a bar that runs the width of the glass and you need to pull down on it to unlock and open the window. The locking mechanism is similar to a hook that attaches itself to the frame of the window.

By pulling down on the bar, you release the hook. When you close the window, the hook should firmly click back into place to secure the opening.

Benefits of a Centre Pivot Roof Window

Benefits of a Centre Pivot Roof Window
  • Make the most of small rooms or awkward spaces
  • Don't worry about furniture placement with these windows
  • Enjoy a perfect view when the window is open or closed
  • Get automated control for those hard-to-reach windows
  • They're generally cheaper than top-hung windows
  • The handle locks securely for peace of mind

How can You Customise Your Centre Pivot Windows with Blinds and Shutters?

Blinds and Shutters

Many people think that the angle of the centre-pivot roof window prevents you from fitting some kind of finishing to the frame. This simply isn't true. There's a range of blinds and shutters that you can use to keep the light out if you need to.

Roller blinds that fit into the window frame are a common choice and can be made in just about any colour or pattern you desire. You get blinds that snap onto the inside of the window or ones that actually sit between the panes of glass and are completely enclosed. Like double glazing, they add insulation and block out noise too.

A centre-pivot roof window is a wonderful addition to any home, and it's ideal for brightening up small spaces and making them feel lighter, airier, and well ventilated.

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