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Cement is widely used in the construction industry. Cement or Portland cement is generally made up of compounds of lime mixed with silica and alumina. Other materials such as silica sand, iron oxide, and bauxite are sometimes used in minute proportions to get the desired composition. Cement looks like a fine powder that is mixed with water to form a hard mass. Cement may be used alone or mixed with aggregates like sand, gravel, clay or stone.

Cement is resistant to chemicals after setting. Cement can be of many types, the latest being the rapid hardening variety. It forms the basis of many other building materials such as gravel, plaster and concrete. When any rubble is mixed with cement and water, the resulting mixture is called concrete. The most commonly used form of cement is Portland cement that forms the basis of concrete, mortar, stucco and grout.

Our Cement range includes different grades and compositions with and without admixture. Our cements and allied products come to you from leading brands such as Bostik, Hanson, Mannok, Oracstar. Get the best price on our concrete, cement, and grout by ordering online at Buildworld that are in the forefront in meeting your construction needs. A bag of Hanson Postfix Concrete 20Kg costs just £5.40.

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