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Cement is widely used in construction industry. Cement or Portland cement is generally made up of compounds of lime mixed with silica and alumina. Other materials such as silica sand, iron oxide, and bauxite are sometimes used in minute proportions to get the desired composition. Cement looks like a fine powder that is mixed with water to form a hard mass. Cement may be used alone or mixed with aggregates like sand, gravel, clay or stone. Our Cement range includes different grades and compositions with and without admixture.


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Mortar gets its name from the Latin word “mortarium” meaning crushed. It is a paste which is used to bind together blocks of bricks, concrete or stone and seal the gaps between them. Sometimes mortar is also used to create aesthetic designs in the masonry walls. Mortars are typically are a mixture of sand, water, and a binder.

Mortar used in Building Construction may be for laying bricks or stone or for finishing like plastering work. Most common mortar are Cement Mortar or Ordinary mortar, Lime mortar and Gypsum mortar.


Aggregate are a group of materials used for mixing with cement or any other kind of adhesive material to produce a mixture called concrete or mortar. The role of an aggregate is to give volume, stability, resistance to erosion and desirable finish. Aggregates commonly used in building are sand, crushed or broken stone, gravel, broken blast-furnace slag, boiler ashes, burned shale, and burned clay. Fine grade aggregate is used for making thin concrete slabs or for a smoother finish. Build world supplies aggregates of superior grade at reasonable prices!

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