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The Buildworld collection of high-performance cement and aggregates caters to specific as well as generic assignments.

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More Info On Cement

The cement compound is made of several constituents among which limestone followed by silica are the most dominant elements constituting more than eighty percent of cement’s most common formulation used in the construction universe—Ordinary Portland Cement. Just as concrete results from a blend of gravel and sand with cement as the binding agent, mortar follows a slightly different water to cement ratio excluding the gravel and including sand and lime into the mix. A little change to the mortar mixture by removing lime and retaining sand and cement produces grout. Each of these formulations retains Ordinary Portland Cement as the common binding agent allowing minor variations with aggregates to achieve customization.

Fly Ash Based Pozzolanic Cement

In addition to being the central and unmovable element in concrete, grout, and mortar formulations cement altered in its composition delivers mixtures and products capable of diverse accomplishments. As Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) the Ordinary Portland formulation is fused with pozzolanic ingredients to mount superior barriers against the depletion tirades of saline water on structures in littoral zones. PPC is extensively in construction work of projects within the vicinity of large water bodies or with direct exposure to water such as dams, sewers, and piers.  

Rapid Hardening and Quick Setting

In its incarnation as High Early Strength Cement also known as Rapid Hardening Cement combing OPC with additional tri-calcium silicate (CS3) HESC delivers quick concrete servicing to structures in projects placing paramount importance on time and early completion. This variety of cement has very high utility in cast in place concrete projects as well tilt-up concrete construction and precast concrete construction. Not too distant in its expedited setting behaviour, with the help of aluminium sulphate, is the Quick Setting Cement used in concreting work requiring quick turnaround time on structures in cold climate involving exposure to water in collected and flowing states.     

Low Carbon Composite Cement

Portland Composite Cement (PCC) is known for its endurance and its tough composition, which results from lowering magnesia and alkali content, while fortifying it with pozzolanic ingredients. It is popular on a large number of construction sites owing to the protection it offers against sulphate corrosion and its low consumption of water along with the enhanced ease it introduces in the workability of the concrete mixture. Portland Slag Cement (PSC) also known as Slag Cement scores high on durability and workability which makes it immensely popular in mega construction projects.    

Simply White for Ornamentation

The White Portland Cement formulation allows the inclusion of very miniscule amounts of iron oxide and manganese oxide to avoid gray colouring and is chiefly incorporated in decorative structures. Its production costs are higher in comparison to the standard gray shade of OPC which makes it an expensive commodity and its application is limited to select areas of building floors, masonry block, cast stone, tile grout, patching surfaces, and surfaces requiring smooth finish such as swimming pools and rendering applications. 

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