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Concrete, a byproduct of cement, is a crucial building material in our society. It is everywhere you look. Concrete supports the road and sidewalk as you walk, and it holds your house up off the ground. Cement is created from a compound mixture, which fuses clay and burning limestone at a high temperature. During the heating process, the materials break down and rejoin into a compound that reacts with water. This crystallization process represents hydration, which is what brings cement to life. Different types of cement include Fire cement and Ready-mix cement. Fire Cement are heat-resistant and best used for sealing joints in wood stoves. Ready-mix cement is a cost-effective option that satisfies larger projects like bridges and high-rise buildings. We offer a variety of cement products that will fulfil your construction needs. Our Bostik fire cement will help projects that require a heat-resistant solution. We also provide a bulk cement bag for larger projects that require a higher volume. You can also browse our wide variety of chemical fixings, cement additives, and floor levelling compounds.

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