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Drainage Channels

We offer a selection of plastic drain channels and traps, as well as metal steps and concrete end caps for domestic use. We also offer radiator draining kits for quick and easy drainage.

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More on Drainage Channels

Drainage channels are linear systems that drain water along their entire length. They’re an enclosed channel, usually in concrete, lined with grating along the top. The primary purpose of a drainage channel is to remove surface water from a particular area.

Drainage channels go by a few names, including trench drains, channel drains, line drains, slot drains, linear and strip drains. They allow for the rapid removal of water through a trough-like area, usually to prevent the soaking of utility lines and to contain chemical spills.

There are two types of drainage channels. There are those with sub-drains for areas such as car parks, and there are those with only surface drains that simply remove excess water. The water that falls into the grates of a drainage channel flows through the entire length and is let out into an appropriate area.

Drainage Channel Applications

Drainage channels are made from concrete, iron, and in some cases, plastics. Concrete drainage channels are typically used for industrial purposes while plastics are used more often for domestic purposes.

Overall, drainage channels are useful anywhere that has the possibility of water pooling in one place. Patio drains are popular among homeowners that have pool and spa areas, as they prevent any water from seeping into the foundation of the home.

A low profile drainage channel (or, a shallow or narrow drainage channel) is typically used in areas where flooding isn’t much of a concern.

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