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We offer a small selection of heavy-duty pedestrian manhole covers and frames. Our covers seal and lock, and we also stock a precast concrete inspection chamber.

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More Info on Manholes

Manholes are openings to confined spaces. Usually a shaft, utility vault, or a large vessel. Of course, manholes are most often associated with sewer openings. However, their purpose is to allow for an entryway to carry out inspections and maintenance in otherwise unreachable places.

There are three types of manholes, and they vary by depth. There are shallow manholes that reach up to 90 cm, normal manholes that reach up to 150 cm, and deep manholes that reach beyond 150 cm. Shallow manholes usually have a more lightweight covering and an “inspection chamber,” while the deeper manholes require a much heavier covering.

Manholes also facilitate the laying of sewer lines, allowing the lines to join or change direction.

The covering of a manhole serves as a plug to keep away unwanted visitors. Manhole covers can be circular, square, or rectangular in shape, and they have perforations which allow gases to escape.

Manhole Applications and Materials

The material of a manhole and cover can be precast concrete, composite, fibreglass, iron, concrete, or glass-reinforced plastic. The material of the manhole and cover also dictates their longevity.

Manholes are most commonly found in locations where a junction is formed by two or more sewer lines, locations where a change in the sewer line is necessary, and where there is a change in sewer size and alignment.

Precast concrete manholes are the most durable and last the longest, making them the most popular option.

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