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Manholes are often used to access underground utilities such as plumbing, piping, sewers, storm drains, inspection chambers, and gas for maintenance. These are usually found on roads, car parks, and in pedestrian areas. The manhole cover serves as a plug to restrict unauthorized access. Manhole covers can be circular, square, or rectangular, and allow physical entry of a person into the manhole. The material of a manhole and cover can be precast concrete, composite material, fiberglass, iron, concrete, or glass-reinforced plastic. The material of the manhole and cover also dictates their longevity.

Precast concrete manholes are the most durable and last the longest, making them the most popular option. At Buildworld, we offer a host of manholes and manhole covers, manufactured using PP manufactured by Clark in different sizes. Our range covers seal and lock, and we also stock a precast concrete inspection chamber. These can be round manhole covers, square manhole covers and come with different load-bearing capacities.

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