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Steel Lintels

The steel lintels we carry are made from galvanised steel. The varieties that are available here include single leaf, standard cavity, and solid wall. Each is available in various lengths to fit all your project needs.

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More Info on Steel Lintels

Steel lintels are structural “members” used in brick masonry for supporting the openings of walls and windows. The steel lintel members can be moulded into several different shapes to provide arches, rectangular framing, and other customised entrances and openings.

Lintels act as the support beams for bricks and concrete. Steel lintels are among the most popular out of all the lintel types as they offer the most support due to their various structures and of course, being made from galvanised steel.

Steel lintels can be structured in a variety of ways, including but not limited to angular, inner or outer leafed, cavity, or a solid wall lintel. The type lintel you require will depend on the style of the opening, and there are special lintels that can be tailor-made for specific arch requirements.

Steel Lintel Applications and Materials

Galvanised steel lintels, like all other lintels, are primarily used for the support and load-bearing of a horizontal opening, such as a door or window. Steel lintels, however, do not stand alone and are usually accompanied by bricks or concrete blocks.

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