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Steel Lintels

We supply steel lintels made from galvanised steel. The assortments of options on offer are compatible with single leaf, standard cavity, and solid wall construction, available in varying proportions to match diverse project specifications.

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More Info on Steel Lintels

Steel lintels are among the core components of the structural “members” in construction work for supporting the openings of walls and windows. Shaped to assume a variety of forms to support diverse entrance framings and archways—steel lintels offer a high degree of customization.

Steel lintels can be structured in a variety of ways, including but not limited to angular, inner or outer leafed, cavity, or a solid wall lintel. The type lintel you require will depend on the style of the opening, and there are special lintels that can be tailor-made for specific arch requirements.

Steel Lintel Applications and Materials

The importance of employing steel lintels receives greater thrust in heavy load-bearing instances that largely rely on the lintel’s depth comprising rolled steel joists, or combined channel sections employed in varying numbers for additional fortification. However, steel joists, are supported by concrete or bricks around them in case of single joists and tube separators for a larger number.

Steady walls are usually paired with beams made of steel; cavity walls and single structure brick veneer walls employ single lintels and shelf angles respectively; structural strength and the span width in brick and block construction largely determine the type of and number of steel lintels. Wider gap entrances requiring heavy load bearing are well-supported by combinations comprising steel beam and plate lintels with angle lintels.

Large spans in commercial establishments rely on concrete embedded rolled steel joists, whereas smaller spans without the stress of heavy loading are ably supported by concrete clad channel sections or steel angles especially in instances with insufficient room for a discharging arch. Steel lintels have amassed popularity due to their heavy-load bearing ability, durability, adaptability to dynamic project requirements, and easy installation.

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