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Construction Site Tools

There are a number of tools and small machines that are immensely useful at a construction site. Having the right equipment to get a project done in the right manner is important, and some are mandatory to maintain building standards. With a plethora of tools used in this field, we have a collection of some of the best brands at our web store. These are utilized at various stage of the work, some of which are listed below:

Cement Mixers

Portable mixers or wheelbarrows are used for thorough mixing of concrete maximum strength and durability.


These are just perfect for transporting and mixing small batches of concrete at the job site.

Tarmac Tampers

Tampers are used in tarmac laying, loose tarmac laid is compacted and levelled using the hand held Tarmac Tamper. Its also used on aggregates and other granular materials to compress into place.

Brick Hods

A Brick Hod is used for carrying multiple bricks in building work and can also be used to carry mortar and other building materials. It is loaded and then carried on the shoulder, and also be carried by 2 people. Useful in lifts and small spaces.


Shovels are usual tools to shift concrete around the job site to fill in gaps after pouring. Square-ended shovels are better at evenly spreading of concrete. Shovels come in different shapes and sizes to perform different functions.

Rakes and Come-Along Rakes

Rakes are useful in quickly spreading freshly-poured concrete in a neat and uniform layer. Although you can use the common garden rakes for this purpose, some of these are specially made for cement and mortar with a scooped blade for easily pre-leveling new concrete. Concrete rakes come with a tine on the back of the blade to help lift rebar or mesh into position before the concrete begins to harden.


Screeds can be purchased in a variety of sizes and come as either a specific tool or can be flat pieces of lumber in different dimensions. Screeds are used to smoothen concrete after it has been moved into place by scraping away any excess from the slab surface.


Trowels also help smooth concrete surfaces at the final stage before being left to dry. Normally hand troweling is done for smaller slabs, or with electrically powered trowels for bigger jobs. These are also available in specific work.


Traditional concrete slabs are finished off with a broom finish by drawing a broom across the surface of the nearly dried concrete slab for a slip-resistant surface.

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The Walsall Contractors Narrow Wheelbarrow 120L

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