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Sash Furniture

Sash windows are one of the most popular types of windows on the market. However, yours may need sash windows furniture and hardware to help dress it up or operate correctly. When you are looking to purchase new sash windows furniture, visit Buildworld. We have a wide selection of products for your sash windows at fair and competitive prices. Check our range to see what we have in stock.

Here are a few of the different types of furniture and hardware available and what factors you need to consider when selecting the ones for your windows

What Are the Different Types of Sash Windows Furniture and Hardware?

If your sash window is not functioning properly, you may need to change out the furniture or hardware on the window. Here are a few of the different things that you may need and what each is used for.

Sash and Make Weights

If you open your sash window and it begins to slide back down instead of staying in place, you may need a new sash or makeweights. These types of weights are used to balance the window and help hold it in place. This allows you to open the window all the way or only part of the way and the window will hold in place.

Lifts & Handles

Sash lifts and handles are what you pull on when opening or closing the window. If yours has become rusty or does not fit the decor of your home, you may want to install a new on one your window. A handle is an actual handle you can grasp onto, whereas a lift is a small flap that you can push up or down on.


Fasteners are more commonly known as locks. These fasteners are used to secure your window when they are not opened and prevent anyone from the outside from lifting your windows open. If your fasteners are not locking correctly, you will want to install new ones. Also, you may wish to install new ones to change up the lock of the window or help the hardware to match the colours in the space.

How to Select the One's Ideal for Your Window?

When you are looking to purchase window furniture and hardware, your biggest decision will be the colour of the metal. Most hardware comes in a variety of metal colours, including silver, brass, and nickel. The type of metal and colour influences the lifespan of the item, whether it will rust and how well it will fit in with the rest of your decor.

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Dale Brighton Sash Fastener Poished Chrome Plated

Dale Brighton Sash Fastener Poished Chrome Plated

Dale Hardware | Not Yet Rated £7.19
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