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Considering the scale and multitude of dangers on construction sites, it is advisable and mandated by legal frameworks responsible for the safety of the people working in the construction industry to ensure sufficient protection for workers.

PPE or Personal Protective Equipment is equipment manufactured to protect workers against health or safety risks at work or on site. Personal Protective Equipment includes safety helmets, gloves, high-visibility clothing, safety glasses, safety footwear, and safety harnesses. At some work sites, respiratory protective equipment is also essential.

PPE is important to prevent risk to life, limb, and property. Even when controls and safe systems of work have been applied, some hazards may still exist and can cause problems in breathing, skin burns, scalds, scratches, etc.

The Buildworld catalog of safety equipment offers products from leading brands dedicated to ensuring maximum safety and comfort in the most demanding circumstances. This includes eye protection, hearing protection, and respiratory protection We offer a variety of personal protective equipment PPE range comprising Gloves, Belts, Caps, Coverall, Ear-Protector, Gloves, Helmet, Jacket, Knee-Pads, Masks, Safety-Glasses, Safety boots, and more.

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