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Laying tiles demands incredible precision hinged on the use of relevant tools accompanied by the skill one is required to possess in this trade. Be it fresh installation on a newly constructed property or repairs commissioned for a bathroom in urgent need of retiling—without the appropriate set of tilling tools it’s nearly impossible to gauge and deliver the desired result envisaged for the tiling project.

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Tiling Tools At Buildworld

To be ideally positioned, in point of exactness and execution, and to guide the stream of organised effort towards achieving a seamless finish: a list of essential tiling tools cannot be ignored.

Professional Tiling Tools

Tile cutters excel in shaping ceramic and porcelain tiles, securing bevelled and round edges around the existing set up is among its common accomplishments. For real quick straight cuts, manual tile cutters are an excellent choice. Angled cuts in natural stone and glass in addition to the usual ceramic and porcelain tiles can be managed easily with an electric wet saw. High precision cuts and difficult angles become a realistic possibility with a diamond-tipped angle grinder.

Filling gaps and smooth layering of surfaces between tiles are the dominions of grouts. In addition to filling gaps— grouts is one of the key components in bestowing the allure on the final finish with an array of colours and formulations suitable for a variety of joints and engaging with diverse tile material laced with mould resistant attributes affording extra protection against damp and water ingress.

Maintaining even grout lines and ensuring perfect spacing between individual tiles, while embracing the most intricate patterns is a special attribute of tile spacers. Prefabricated into a broad spectrum of sizes and shapes— tile spacers are specifically devised to tackle varying tile material.  

Tiling Accessories

Trowels belong in the essential tiling tool items basket on account of the efficiency they impart to the process of applying tile adhesives in covering every micro-millimetre of the tiling surface area inconsistent density. The varying degrees of widths in the notches found in floor and wall trowels determine their functionality and thereby suitability.

The danger of exposed tile edges suffering abrasive damages is averted with the help of Trims by levelling the exposed tile edges. Angles, on the other hand, perform in a similar capacity to smoothen and merge the tile edge with floorboards made of a different material.

Suction Lifters assist you in carrying heavy items like glass, doors, or sheet metal. Spare Wheels are cutting wheels for use with heavy-duty cutters. Spreaders and squeegees spread and remove epoxy and air bubbles that get trapped in operation.

Kneeler boards provide much needed relief during the tile-laying process. A dedicated grout cleaner along with sponges, adhesives and a battery of stain removal solutions is always a good setup to have during the tiling process.

A comprehensive catalogue of tiling tools from the leading brands in the industry awaits your visit at BuildWorld. We invite you to browse through our selection for the best in tiling equipment.

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