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The selection of metal hinges includes standard hinges, gate hinges, specialist hinges for all kind of applications. We supply a substantial range of architectural ironmongery, including hinges that come in different designs and sizes to meet different requirements. These serve both functional and aesthetic needs and include high-quality brands such as Carlisle Brass, Heritage Brass, Atlantic UK & Dale.

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Hinges Available at Buildworld

A Hinge comes in many shapes, sizes, and qualities. It is always good to do extensive research to ensure that you find the right ones for your desired project. We have a vast variety that includes:

Gate Hinges

We have different types of gate hinges customised for everyone. Sometimes you find that heavy duty gate hinges are a necessity, especially for the heavy gates and doors. These are most suitable for industries that have constant flow and outflow activities. Other types are used on regular gates for homes. Ensure the gate hinges have seals to help keep the lubricants in to avoid contaminants.

Parliament Hinge

These are usually H-shaped in nature and allow doors to open and lay flat against the wall when opened. One of the features that help when opening a door is that they have drilled holes so as to clear off any obstructions along the way.

Rising Butt

They are a perfect solution especially when your door can't open up quite well due to unlevelled floors. Wooden doors are the best to use with the rising butt. If you want a temporary door that will be later removed, then these are the perfect ones.

Specialist Hinge

These are the solutions to all door opening and closing situations. Examples of these are those used on pianos, flush hinge used on light doors, and the counter flaps used on counters.

Standard Hinges

Most standard hinges used on doors are usually light. Ensure you know the size of your door to act as a guide to choosing the right size of hinges.

Buying the Right Type of Hinge

How heavy a door is will determine what type of hinges to buy. The frequency in which it is opened will be a key determinant on what to choose to ensure a longer lasting one.

On the art sector, some are used to adding art to something. Find one that can add up as a decorative element on to make the gates, doors or jewellery boxes. In the case of the cabinet ones, it is important to choose those that complement your kitchen cabinets so as to match them up.

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