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Butt Hinges

A butt hinge or a Mortise hinge has rectangular shaped metallic leaves on both sides with knuckles joined in the centre, with a pin. It's the most commonly used hinge you will see on doors of all kinds. These hinges can be made of brass or steel, usually with a weather-resistant coating. Steel is a cheaper alternative compared to brass but is not as durable or weather resistant. Rising Butt Hinges are a perfect solution, especially when your door can't open up relatively well due to unlevelled floors such as carpeted ones. The reason being that a rising butt allows the door to open high enough to clear the carpet or rug. Wooden doors are the best to use with the increasing butt. If you want a temporary door that will be later removed, then they are the perfect ones.

Hinges come in many shapes, sizes and qualities. It is always good to do some research to find the right ones for your desired project. At Buildworld, we have a wide variety of hinges, including Butt hinges.

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