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Roof Windows Flashing

Besides sunlight, the soothing sounds of rain are pleasant to experience through roof windows, and the same experience runs the risk of being ruined with water leakages through the area skirting your roof windows. Fortunately, the ideal solution in the form of easily installable roof windows flashing along with flashing kits is available at Buildworld.

Choose from a variety of flashing for roof windows, including Velux replacements, Velux recessed flashing, and combination window flashing kits. All products included in the Buildworld catalogue are compatible with all major types of roofing material.

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More Info On Roof Window Flashing

Window flashing acts as a seal and protects the interior structure from water damage. Made up of sleek, modern material, flashing is designed to sit under the roofing components and is arranged in a way that directs water from the roof to the built-in guttering system. Recessed flashing provides an even more streamlined finish, as the window is installed deeper into the roof. Additionally, the weather-tight seal is made up of material that minimises the risk of condensation

What is Roof Windows Flashing?

Roof flashings avert the threat of insufferable leakages becoming imminent. Flashings are designed for a sequenced layered installation, in roof areas susceptible to leakages, in a manner which resembles the layering of shingles on roofs characterised by a succession of layer overlaps. Roof windows, dormers, vents, and chimney are primary leakage targets which are thoroughly covered during the installation. The benefit of flashing extends to protecting the roof’s structure from long-term damages inflicted by moisture.

Flashing strips are largely manufactured in metal, and also mass-produced in other materials such as rubber, plastic, sheet metal, and lead to match varying sets of budgets, material preferences, and roofing material. Moulded vinyl, vapour barrier, drip cap, and flashing tape form the core majority of roof window flashing design categories. 

Moulded vinyl designs are meant for installation on the inner side of the rough opening bottom edges. Predominantly compatible with vinyl-clad windows, moulded vinyl bears a slope for draining water downwards.  Vapour barriers are occasionally employed as flashing, mainly at the time of window installation, involving a procedure of covering the edges on the inside of rough opening with these barriers. Drip Caps behave like canopies and are installed above windows. Flashing tapes are highly effective in keeping the water away from the wood of the rough opening. Installed on the inner side of the frame holding the window— flashing tapes typically arrive in a roll form and have to be sized according to the dimensions of the window

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