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Door Tracks Ecluders & Seals

Buildworld has a massive collection of sliding door hardware, whether these are for room interiors, wardrobes, cupboards or bi-fold tracks. Our focus is to ensure a smooth glide, soft closure, and a seamless fit. We emphasize on quality, function, and design. Whether your doors are wood, glass or metal; we bring you the finest in sliding door hardware.

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Door Tracks Excluders & Seals at Buildworld

Our collection includes rolling door track, bypass door track, closet tracks, heavy-duty door track systems, barn door tracks, barn door hardware and flat tracks and soft-close track sets. We sell sliding door track systems by leading brands and also all accessories like flush handles, hangers and locks.

Guide to selecting Sliding Door Hardware

When it comes to choosing track hardware, your decision is based on how many single doors should be on each track. Select from 2, or 3 or 4 sliding doors to cover your closet.

For 2 doors closing your closet, you can go with a 2 track or a wall mount system. In a standard 2 track mechanism, the doors can be slid back and forth within the opening, giving you access to half of the closet at a given time. A wall mount gives you full access to the closet if you have large uninterrupted wall space for the doors to slide. A 3 doors closet covering means, it can work with 2 or 3 track system.

For 4 doors the most commonly used layout is a 2 track system, with 2 doors on each track with which you can open half of the closet at a time. Or you could have each door on its own track, which will allow you the most access to your closet, but you will need 2×6 studs walls.

Most sliding door hardware is designed to support all the weight at the top, and the bottom track only guides the doors. The standard 2 track system, allows you to have the bottom track as an option. Sliding closet doors systems with 3 or more tracks, comes with an inclusive bottom guide track.

Which Track Hardware should you choose for your Sliding Closet Doors?

Stand in front of your closet and picture how you use your closet. If you are only using part of the closet at any one time, then a 2 track system will work for you. If you prefer to have the closet open wider then having each door on its own track is a better choice.

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