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Fire & Safety

At Buildworld, we offer fire hardware and safety products and accessories that may keep you safe at work. Our fire retardant and safety products provide premium make, comfort and durability at an affordable price. We offer standard fittings in safety clothing but can supply these in other sizes to accommodate your needs. Our safety equipment includes Fire Mastics, Fire Seals, Smoke Seals, warning and safety signs, intumescent strips, panic hardware, fire extinguishers and grabs rails.

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Fire & Safety Range Available at Buildworld

Intumescent Fire Seals

In a fire, an Intumescent fire seal expands and seals off the gap between the door and frame, so the fire and smoke don’t spread. This combined fire and smoke seal will stop smoke from spreading before the fire seal activating.

Warning and Safety signage

Health and safety signs are important for information and direction. In emergencies, they warn us of potential danger lurking around. In construction sites, legislation is necessary to identify and communicate all hazards in the workplace. Safety signs will ensure your workers and visitors are safe, maintain compliance with the required safety norms. Our construction safety signs are made to withstand the harsh conditions of construction and building sites.

Panic Hardware

Panic bars are installed on exit doors to facilitate quick exiting from buildings. OSHAS is a safety regulation that requires continuous and unobstructed paths for exits in case of emergencies. These panic hardware are installed on exit doors and come in many different products and sizes, and styles. Most trigger alarms to drawing the attention of people and indicate that they must evacuate. To operate the panic bar, you push on the panic exit bar to open the door.

Fire Extinguishers

The purpose of a fire extinguisher is to extinguish a fire. There are different classes of fire and different types of fire extinguishers in the market. At Buildworld, we have three types: Water extinguishers, CO2 and Fire Blankets. All water extinguishers have a red label.

Grab Rails/Anti-Slip rails

Grab rails are primarily used as a means to offer support to the elderly and those with limited mobility in the bathroom and toilets. These aids to push or pull against to stand up and provide a firm grip when transferring from one position to another. These can be attached to walls and come in both vertical and horizontal types.

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