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Gate & Garage Hardware

In modern homes, the design is everything—functional, appealing, and comfortable. Apart from the house itself, there are gates, garages, barns, to consider. These enhance the house design as well as offer safety while also adding the aesthetic appeal and a complete look. Gate hardware, garage door hardware, and other door hardware when well matched with the rest of the house and scheme of things, lends harmony. Such hardware can be used before installing of the gate or after installing and add the finishing touches.


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Gate Hardware & Garage Door Hardware

You can create the look you desire using gate hardware, and garage hardware from a wide range of available choices, some are basic while some are decorative with intricate carvings. So for that seamless look at the front gate to the garage door, you can use similar hardware or complementary designs in colours of your choice.

From purely decorative like dummy strap hinges to highly functional like bolts, hardware choices should reflect the home's architectural style. The materials used for making these can be bronze, aluminum, steel and more. Both bronze and aluminum are resistant to corrosion while also being easy on the pocket. Now you can go stylish on a shoe string budget. Even in period home, gates and garages should retain the period charm.

Bolts are latches used to secure gates and are essential for safety of the house or garage. Handles offer comfort in opening and closing and also a firm grip.

At Buildworld, we stock everything you need for gates, from bolts and latches to handles and chains. Our hardware comes in materials like steel, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum and more from top brands such as Birkdale and Gatemate. Our complete line of products will enhance any gate or door. Our products can be used for new builds or for restoration projects and are rust resistant even in extreme outdoor conditions. We offer various finishes and colours. Call us today for individual or bulk orders.

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