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Padlocks are very common in homes and workplaces. Commonly available models are Breakaway shackle, Shrouded or shielded, Government, high security and combination with key control. A padlock has a main body with a shackle and locking mechanism. The shackle comes in a U shape loop of metal, round or square. Padlock locking mechanisms are of 2 types: integrated and modular. Padlocks that come integrated with a locking mechanism cannot be disassembled. These locks work to lock things together, such as two chains, an object to a chain, a door with its frame etc. Padlocks are not generally used for high-security applications because the shackles can be cut easily.

Some padlocks are laminated, while in some, the shackle is made of various metals such as hardened steel or boron alloy steels which are tough and not easy to cut through. These padlocks are usually plated with other metals such as nickel or chrome for making them rust-resistant.

Buildworld sells padlocks that are durable, compliant with the regulations and offer necessary safety. We offer Padlocks from leading ironmongery experts such as Dale-Hardware, Master-Lock and Yale. You can select from many finish options such as Black, Blue, Chrome, Polished-Chrome, Satin-Chrome and more. Suitable for various external and internal applications, these are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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