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Work Jackets & Coats

A job site can be hazardous for workers, especially those who work at heights, in low visibility conditions, adverse terrain, or bad weather. It is essential to be prepared for the challenges at the workplace, and protective clothing such as jackets play a crucial role in this. Work Jackets are most handy when working during harsh winters to prevent cold stress and hypothermia. Safety jackets and coats provide a high level of visibility during night-times and from a distance. They are handy for workers managing traffic and involved in road works.

Most of the work jackets available at our online store have high-quality fabrics, breathable design features, and high visibility detailing, making this jacket perfect for wearing over-work clothes and outdoor workwear. The jackets come with pockets to keep work tools within handy reach. These are usually layered and waterproof to protect from wind, cold, and rain.

These jackets and coats are available from our online store in singles, pairs, or multi-packs in various colours and sizes. Our workwear coats and waterproof jackets come to you from leading brands such as Ox-Tools, Portwest, and Rodo and are made from a range of sturdy materials such as Carbon-Fibre, Cotton, Elastane, Nylon, and PVC.

Our jackets selection includes rain jackets, flame resistant jackets, thermal jackets, hi-visibility jackets, shell jackets, heated jackets, etc. All products are subjected to the highest safety and quality testing and audited through a compliance protocol to ensure they comply with the latest PPE Regulations. Browse, check and compare our workwear prices and choose options that suit your needs.

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